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We share ventilators

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Our mission

Rent instead buy ventilators
for treatment duration 

Certified respiratory equipment is expensive and if once
purchased often binded to one place. Borrowed devices instead, can be returned to the pool when demand falls.


After cleaning and returning, the 
equipment can directly be made
available in other regions again.


Because no international 
payment transactions 
are required, shipping time and procurement effort can be reduced as well.

Use the limited ventilator quantity multiple

The core of our concept is a managed rental pool for
medical certified ventilators.

During the German #wirvsvirus hack in March 2020 we developed a service and logistics model 
as an efficient and Europe-wide scalable solution to 
provide ventilators around COVID19 hotspot regions in the EU.


From an device pool, ventilators can be financed or even borrowed for the duration of treatment and returned to the pool after usage.  So one device can be used several times in different regions time after time. 

Take unused overcapacities to transport ventilators

According to our estimates, approximately 150 devices of an Evita Infitiy respirator, for example, fit into one Airbus A319-200. Due to the lack of passengers currently 

hundreds of planes are 
expensively parked across Europe.

Further aircrafts should be used as flying warehouses to simplify the EU-wide stockpiling. 

Another efficient use of free capacities would be taxi couriers in the EU crowd. 
Via TaxiApp operators thousands of transport options can be made available 24/7 everywhere.

Challenge accepted!


Please support our #EUvsVirus project.

We have accepted the Pan-European Hackathon 2020 challenge

COVID19 / "Health & Life 
More information on

Our concept centralize 8.000 treatment options at one place.
The core idea contains a hospital on airport grounds.

An European challenge needs an European solution.
Please read THE CAMPUS page on this website 
to understand why we need help and how to support us.

We need help to:

1.  Coordinate, transport and build a rudimental 

2. Convince airlines to use one of their parked planes for an EU online Marketing campaign

3. Communicate the rent-a-vent service to all EU hospitals 
4. Create an EU wide legal operating model or enable a general contractor


With your help we deliver a fast scalable logistic idea today.
A Go Live as-a-service product depends on your decision.  


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