Either we bring medical care to patients
or we bring patients to medical care.

The Airpool Project            SUMMARY1

"Let's just rent the vents." we said.

Our timeline is short but the story is long and meaningful.
We started as a small group of independent skilled people.
In several Corona hackathons since 22.03.2020 like #WirVsVirus or 
#TheGlobalHack we trained our skills and formed our team. 
Our goal is to create life saving impacts.
With a pool logistic model for medical certified respirator devices we want to share ventilators across Europe Covid19 hotspot regions. 

We developed our network and added a platform layer for Crisis Management to cooperate with other global hackathon teams.
More about that, on our German website www.medipool.net

SUMMARY2                     The Airport Project

Our second project was developed from the perspective
of what do we have available?

Similar to the already existing new hospital on Berlin Exhibition Grounds with 1.000 beds, we are examining with experts the possibilities and benefits of turning the unused airport Berlin-Brandenburg into a second bed capacity extension. 
Therefore we created an  EU Fly-In Hospital design which streamlines large EU patient numbers through the best available treatment without travel restrictions. 

Without need leave his own country or transitzone enables
COVID19 treatments at the airport and are easy as 
booking online a flight ticket.

That airport is a gift from heaven.
If you help an airport, the airport helps you.


"If you help an airport, it helps you."

According to meet the judging criteria, we clustered our projects in two parts.


  • Impact Potential
    What is the impact to society if the idea is implemented at scale? Does this offer something that hasn't been solved already? If it has been solved, does this offer something different? Can it be scaled to meet thousands or even millions of people?


  • Technical Complexity
    Technical complexity does not necessarily mean code. This could be anything, hardware designs, specialised test kits or even a complex but clear business plan.


  • Prototype Completion
    Is there a ready technical prototype of the solution? If yes, does it work well? Does the prototype present well the idea of the solution? How fast can the prototype be turned into a ready to use product?


  • Business Plan
    It is essential to consider the feasibility, economic and societal value, market knowledge and sustainability of the solution. What resources are needed to implement the solution?

Summary part 1

Born on 22.03.2020 in the context of the German #WirvsVirus Hackathon we developed a logistics concept to save lives.
In the event of a regionally
 supply critical numbers of ventilators, many clinics in the EU must be supported
in the procurement of materials. 



We created a transport streaming logic, a financing model and an website and app portal.  


The goal is to distribute the limited number of respiratory devices reliable to the respective acute need 
in individual EU COVID19 hotspot regions.


With moving material hubs, even by limited availability, a large geographical area can be supplied quickly and in line with unplanned demand. Respiratory devices are borrowed from a pool of equipment and returned to the pool when demand falls. After cleaning, equipment that has been used can be made available directly in other stressed regions again.

Because no international payment transactions are required and transportation time and procurement effort are reduced.

Due to the lack of passenger numbers, aircraft are a good choice for EU-wide mobile storage locations
and have already proven themselves in this form during the Corona crisis. According to our estimates, approximately 150 devices of an Evita Infitiy respirator, for example, fit into an Airbus A319-200, which is designed for short and medium distances and hundreds of these types of aircrafts are currently parked across airports in Europe. We are currently seeking support from airlines through sponsoring to be able to use an Airbus for a practical check. In addition to the mobility of airplanes, there are also usable sovereign features that simplify EU-wide routing material.  


A further efficient use of overcapacity would be taxi couriers in the EU crowd. Via TaxiApp operators thousands of transport options
can be made available 24/7 everywhere.


With a controlled supply chain as the next step, a real-time cockpit can be used to predict hotspot regions through predictive analytics software . New data models will be visible and predictions becomes more accurate in the course.
A blockchain application for tracking and exchanges of ventilators will speed up the process and give more control during transport.

Summary part 2

"European Fly-In Hospital and Corona Center"



Similar to the already existing hospital on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds with 1.000 beds,
we are examining with experts the possibilities and benefits of a Fly-In Hospital with 5.000 beds.


In the case of direct treatment options on airport grounds, a European patient transport
solution without travel restrictions of a patient is possible and EU-wide scalable.

Benefits of Airport  BERLIN-BRANDENBURG:

- Space for 10,000 treatment places in isolated sections and transit zones

- Space for the accommodation of medical staff

- Book patient transport like flight tickets

- Passengers and luggage = patients and patient file or medical devices 

- Organization of the "EFHCC" in the style of Hackathons

- Sustainable use of the model possible.      

  Airport operator sees many months of Capacity utilization at 5%.



The impact scope of turning an airport into a hospital depends on the level complexity.
Our concept is made of independent building blocks.


Basic Modules:

Basis 0: Rudimental hospital organization template 

Basis 1: Mobile medic beds to built up a field hospital in airport buildings

Basis 2: Scanable tags on every bed and medical device

Basis 3: Desinfection airlocks 

Basis 4: Staff accommodation 

Basis 5: Medical staff with digital badges to move on airport 

Complexity Layers:

Layer 1: Virtual structure of a hospital mapped on the airport terrain

Layer 2: Hotel Check-In App to book virtual rooms

Layer 3: Augmented Reality for doctors to navigate in virtual rooms

Layer 4: Medical Remote University to study technology during pandemics

Layer 5: Blockchain for supply chain


If you ask a 5 year old girl about that:

If someone tells you now: "Please build an airport! What would you do first?
First I would make some planes. And then a house for everyone


You can't do that alone, can you?
No. You need maybe ten more people. Or five. 


And how long do you think it takes to finish everything?
For such a big one, quite long. About 30 hours, for sure. 


Flora, you've been alive for five years. Is that a lot or a little?
I think it's a lot. And when the new airport opens, will there be a sticker booklet?


Link to full interview on our devpost page: https://devpost.com/software/eu-airport-hospital-and-corona-campus-berlin-brandenburg

There are no coincidences

Michael Keating

Expert Network Research and 
Medical Supplies

Dr. Amelia Writt

Procurement and Logistics

Manfred Janßen

Strategic Development & Process Design



We are three specialized teams with different skills. 
Team "Airpool" is covering a logistic solution to reliably supply hotspots regions in the EU with ventilators. 

"Airpool" accepted the hackathon challenge  https://euvsvirus.org/challenges/







In several hackathons since 22.03.2020 like #WirVsVirus #TheGlobalHack we trained our skills
and formed our team better and better.  We developed our network and added a communication
platform layer for Crisis Management to cooperate with other global hackathon teams.

The "Crisis Management" team accepted the coordination challenge and we are cooperating.

The Airpool Team need help in:


1. Procuring as many ventilators as possible in a financial service loaning model

2. Using one by every EU airline sponsored Airbus A319-200 

3. Communicating this service offering to all EU hospitals 
4. Creating an EU legal operating model or general contractor

With your help 
we deliver a fast scalable logistic concept today.
Depending on the level of support in 3 weeks a go live as-a-service product. 

Detailed PDFs and videos on to our projects:

Quick overview of our solution history for Germany:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-16 um 12.01.07.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-16 um 12.01.41.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-16 um 11.40.40.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-16 um 11.41.30.pn