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Rental pool for respiratory equipment was created during the #wirvsvirus hack.

Our service and logistics model is an efficient and

Europe-wide scalable solution to provide ventilators

around hotspot regions in EU.


From an EU device pool, respiratory devices can be

borrowed for the duration of treatment and

 returned to the pool after usage. 
So one device can be used several times
in different regions.  


The service simplifies the procurement of ventilators
and medical material for European hospitals and clinics. 



Do you manufacture ventilators or medical equipment? If you have the possibility to rent equipment, please register on our site and help us!

Challenge accepted!

On 22.03.2020 we have in the context of the #WirvsVirus 

Hackathons developed a logistics concept to save lives. In the event of a regionally critical supply status of ventilators, many clinics in the EU must be supported in the procurement of materials. 

Our concept consists of a transport logic, a financing model
and an operational part.  

The goal is to distribute the limited number of respiratory devices continuously to the respective acute need in the individual EU hotspot regions.


With mobile material hubs, even with limited availability, a large geographical area can be supplied quickly and in line with unplanned demand. 

Respiratory equipment is borrowed from a pool of equipment and returned to the pool when demand falls. After cleaning, equipment currently in used in Hospital A can be made available directly in other regions. 

No international payment transactions are required and time and effort are reduced.

Due to the lack of passenger numbers, aircraft are a good choice for EU-wide mobile storage locations and have already proven themselves in this form. According to our estimates, approximately 150 devices of an Evita Infitiy respirator, for example, fit into an Airbus A319-200, which is designed for short and medium distances and hundreds are currently parked across airports in Europe.

We are currently seeking support from airlines through sponsoring to be able to use an Airbus for a practical check. 

In addition to the mobility of airplanes, there are also usable sovereign features that simplify EU-wide routing material.  


A further efficient use of overcapacity would be taxi couriers in the EU crowd. Via TaxiApp operators thousands of transport options can be made available 24/7 everywhere.


With a controlled supply chain* as the next step,

a real-time cockpit can be used to predict hotspot regions

through predictive analytics software . New data models
become visible in the course.  



08.04.2020 Registration at #TheGlobalHack


09.04.2020 Registration at #BuildforCOVID19 Hack


14.04.2020 Twitter EU Commission "#EUsolidarity can save lives."


15.04.2020 Registration #Pan-EU_Hack


16.04.2020 EU Hack Fast Track Application


17.04.2020 +++Extension+++ * Supply Chain

Developing an API connection for TaxiApps

to scan ventilator transfers with the smartphone


17.04.2020 +++Project extension+++

"European Fly-In Hospital and Corona Center"

The almost unused airport BER is located in the

literally a gift from heaven!


Similar to the already existing hospital on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, we are examining with experts the possibilities of
a Fly-In Hospital.

In the case of direct treatment options on the airport grounds, a European solution without entry and exit is possible and EU-wide scalable.


- Space for 10,000 treatment places in isolated      

  Sections and transit zones

- Space for the accommodation of medical staff

- Book patient transport like flight tickets

- Passengers and luggage = patients and patient file

- Organization of the "EFHCC" in the style of Hackathons

- Sustainable use of the model possible.      

  Airport operator sees many months of

  Capacity utilization at 5%.



"Help an airport and it helps you."

   Manfred Janssen, April 17, 2020

Together against


Join the pool!

  • Register your clinic on our website

  • Enter your order in the online pool

  • We will send you a delivery date by e-mail

  • Delivery and handover of the rental equipment by taxi courier

  • Setup and cleaning by clinic staff 

  • Disassembly and cleaning of the rental equipment

  • Pickup & Return of the equipment to the pool

Man orders a taxi from his cell
Berlin Airlift Memorial Near Former Temp
Image by Ashes Sitoula

Interlink to projects and social networks


Medical protection and consumables are currently a scarce commodity.

But every day new volunteers come forward and want to help. This has already resulted in widespread social media campaigns such as #MakerVsVirus. Thousands of 3D printer owners have signed up to produce face protection visors. These are offered e.g. via distribution hubs like Remedy-Match. 


Besides the device pool we connect you with other services and projects.

So if you need more than just ventilators, we will submit your request in the new procurement portals. 

Hawking Crisis Management 


The worldwide hackathons have produced a variety of concepts and solutions and created another problem. Networking.

Based on the principle of "telling the left hand what the right hand is doing", Steven Hawking's idea of working globally and together on solutions was combined in one platform. 


With our idea we are now part of this network!